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Shaanxi Hi-Tech Business Co., Ltd., except the normal Pharmaceutical and Chemical products business, according to its own advantages and experience, combined with our local products and market characteristics, also involved in the Foods products business.  

Our Foods business have four categories of Health Foods, Imported Foods, Leisure Foods, Native Foods, etc.
--- Health Foods and Leisure Foods, are selected from the local advantage enterprises with their superior products, under reaching long-term cooperation to make development of domestic and foreign markets; 
--- Our local products include Black Agaric, Black Tea, Camellia Oil, Green Tea, Mushroom, Orange and so on, these local products are from our local area --- Qinba Mountains, natural and organic, its efficacy and nutritional value has been widely certified in domestic and foreign markets and customers;
--- Besides, we take advantage of import & export experience and resources of our Headquarters, run into Imported Foods business, first start to do the high-end red wine of Italian original bottle & package, and will gradually involve in other Imported Foods in the future.

For a detailed description of each Foods products, please refer to the product page. We are professional franchise and supplier, we will, as always, provide superior qualified products and services. 
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